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The Mastery of a Skill

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My Mastery program is the answer to a frequent question I’ve gotten – “How can I follow you?”

This is a program that I’ve just recently launched, is an accumulation of everything that I do, rolled up into a nice, neat package. In my Mastery program, teach using my trading methodology that I’ve honed over the course of my career.

In this community, we will be focused on using options to leverage your trading account in a way where we are trading options and risking small debits and directional strategies on underlying stocks.

Our goal here is to stick with my highest probability setups – this is a combination of the Five Star/Phoenix method, combined with low risk options strategies.

The Five Star Phoenix

But, I’m sure you may ask, “What are these methods?”

My Five Star Strategy is my primary, trend-following technical analysis method that I use to identify trending chart patterns. I then use this analysis to place either options trades or pick stocks.

My Phoenix method involves focusing on picking stocks or options trades based on stocks that outperform the market, or have ‘relative strength.’ The idea is that when you stick with the strongest in the bunch, you’re more likely to pick a winner.

By combining a steady trend (Five Star Method) with relative strength (the Phoenix that rises from the ashes) you have yourself a strong chart pattern, that equals high probability trades.

Stacked Profits Mastery

In this Mastery program, I focus on this method and I also select my options trades with focused intention.

Many traders, when searching for consistency get lost over-trading, and picking trades that didn’t have a strong edge to begin with. For this reason, in this program, I will avoid ‘lotto’ trades, and trades like high risk trades placed around earnings, that are more meant for aggressive traders.  The goal is high probability, rinse and repeat, over ‘let’s just see what happens here!.’

Many of those in my program have been in my classes, read my newsletter, or listen to me in the trading room. Or perhaps, you’re just stumbled across this now. Either way, this program is for options traders wanting to focus on a specific directional methodology and learn it inside and out.


Once you sign up, in the Stacked Profits Mastery subscription, you will get immediate access to all of the above! You can find my watchlist, learning center, trade spreadsheet, newsletter, our live trading sessions, and more!

Additionally, you’ll receive emails from me through my newsletter. You can find the newsletter in it’s entirety at 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please give the team a call at 512-266-8659, or email us at

Good trading,


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