In-Depth Education

As a former elementary school teacher, I love teaching classes! This is the best way that you can get a jump-start on your path to becoming a trader.

I teach live classes a few times per year, and after the fact, they are turned into online courses that you can stream and study at your leisure.

These classes range in topics, from introduction to futures trading, relative strength stock picking to specific options strategies such as butterflies.

They are always offered as a strategy class first, which is generally a 4-5 hour course with additional documentation, slides and class recordings. The goal of the strategy class is to learn the strategy in-depth, from A-Z. After that, we typically over live trading as well, so that students can watch the strategies taught during the strategy portion to be put into practice during the live trading.

You can find the list of my online courses here: 

Be on the lookout for any new offerings of classes I’ll be apart of in the future!


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